Friday, May 9, 2008

Matthew Starts Baseball

Matthew began his first year playing baseball for Hemet Youth Baseball this year. He is in the "Shetland" Division and is playing tee ball. In this league tee ball players receive 5 pitches from their own coach and then hit off the tee if they do not connect with the ball. There are no strikes or balls called and the player gets to try until the get a hit. It is a great way to learn baseball. Matthew has a wicked swing and can get the ball into the outfield when he connects! We think if he sticks with baseball he might be playing for money someday!!! (A parent can hope, right?)


Welcome to our new family blog page. I have been looking for a way for everyone to be able to stay up to date with our family and see some of the things we have done lately. I think I found the solution. Now I just hope I can find the time to update this as often as you all deserve! I hope I can get in the habit during the summer. Matthew starts school this fall, but our school district just voted to increase the size of kindergarten classes to 33! Every mother knows this is just insane, but I guess it keeps the board from having to cut their own paychecks! Anyway, I anticipate needed to volunteer ALOT! I may need to give up sleep, but we will do our best to keep our extended family and friends up to date on what we are doing BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU!